Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Beyblade Burst Evolution, “Ya Ya Ya” warmup, Night Begins to Shine

How to practice it most effectively: In Beyblade Burst Evolution, we learned about sharps (which will be the black key up from the letter name we use). The best fingering to use is RH finger 1 on B to start, then crossing over just for a second with finger 2 to A#, then back to B with 1, and finally finger 5 on the F#. The first three times through the chorus we do this pattern 3x then walk down to E-D#-C#-C#-C#-B using fingers 4-3-2-1. The last time through the chorus after the 3x pattern is a higher B, then down to G# (the middle of the group of 3 black keys). Remember, this will be from 0:33-0:55 in the video from last week. You can totally start looking at the part before the chorus, which is 0:22-0:33. For the Ya Ya Ya 3-note warmup, it will be the same as last week except we will try to go one position higher and lower to extend the range. See if you can take it up to an A position, then down all the way to a G position. Always play the notes on piano once before trying to sing along! For Night Begins to Shine, please continue singing with the lyric video, and play your guide notes (B for the verses, and E for the choruses) on piano as you sing. Next week we will try starting Baby Shark!



Recommended minutes to practice: 15-20 minutes a day

What to practice: E major scale hands together, Runaround Sue

How to practice it most effectively: In E major, remember that the sharps show up in pairs (F#, G# and C#, D#). In Runaround Sue, let’s put the B section (bars 9 to 16) hands together as well – be extra careful about when the hands play at the same time, and take your time getting both of them in position before playing. RH please use FACE in the space to help you find your intervals. In bars 8 and 24 don’t forget LH’s staccatos – these will make the piece feel bouncy and fun. As the A sections are getting more and more comfortable, practice looking ahead and prepping LH while RH has its eighth note patterns.



Recommended minutes to practice: 10 minutes a day

What to practice: C position warmup, Thumbs on C warmup, Merrily We Roll Along and O’er the Deep Blue Sea

How to practice it most effectively: For the two warmups, do your best to lift each finger after the next one plays so the notes can sound one at a time, instead of keeping all of them pressed which will result in a blurry/muddy sound. The same technique goes for your songs. Merrily We Roll Along and O’er the Deep Blue Sea are meant to be played as one complete song, with LH starting and RH finishing. Please remember that finger 2 is your pointer, and 4 is your ring finger. Do your best to count “1-2-3-4” out loud while you play. Quarter notes will hold for one count, half notes for two counts, and whole notes for four counts.