Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: C position piano warmup (piano and vocal), Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle (piano and vocal), Night Begins to Shine

How to practice it most effectively: For the C position warmup, go one hand at a time, up and down the 5 finger scale, doing your best to connect between the notes. Keeping your fingers bent and really focusing on holding one note down until the next plays will help with this. When doing this warmup for your voice, play just piano first to hear it, then sing with your playing on the syllable “mah” or “moo”. Move from C position up through D, E, etc. so you can warm up your higher notes too. When singing higher, don’t push the sound out, rather let your tone become softer and gentler. Old MacDonald has LH in D position and RH in C position. The order of notes is: C-C-C-G-A-A-G-E-E-D-D-C, with RH doing E, D, and C, and LH doing G and A. Twinkle Twinkle has LH in F position and RH in D position. The notes are: C-C-G-G-A-A-G; F-F-E-E-D-D-C; G-G-F-F-E-E-D (x2); C-C-G-G-A-A-G; F-F-E-E-D-D-C. When the piano feels comfortable try singing along! Make sure you’re matching the same notes the piano plays with your voice.

For Night Begins to Shine, please use this Youtube link: Only go until 1:08, this is the first verse and chorus.

The Piano Adventures Primer Lesson Book can be found here:


Recommended minutes to practice: 15-20 minutes a day

What to practice: A major scale (hands separately 1st week, hands together 2nd week), Bye, Bye Love, Runaround Sue

How to practice it most effectively: In our A major scale, the fingering stays the same as other scales, the one difference is we are adding a G# to our F# and C#. In Bye, Bye Love, please also put that last second ending hands together. Notice how RH is mainly going back and forth between two different sixths. Just look at which note is on top (F or G) and move accordingly. For LH, use your bass clef sayings to help you find the notes. Spend a little more time on the chorus so it can feel just as flowing and comfortable as the verse. Please use written finger numbers since they are the easiest/best way to play what’s written. For Runaround Sue, please play RH up until bar 16, continuing to do the swing rhythm for eighth notes. Note how RH plays many intervals, and when it switches from one to the next there is typically one note that stays and one note that moves. Of course, always double check with your Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge and FACE sayings!