Hello Everybody!

We’ve had some requests for receipts from us for your tax 2014 filing.

While we are able to generate specific receipts for you from our new system, you actually have access to this information already – by accessing your account through our website and just running a print at home.  We would appreciate if you used this resource.

How do I do that?

First head over to our website and then click Log-in (or just use the live links that are in this email, this time).

If you’ve never logged in before, you’ll need to find your account by entering your name on the New to our site?’ box.  If you have logged in before then you can just log in with your name and password.

You’ll then be in the ‘My Info’ tab, and should be able to see ‘Purchases’ underneath that.  When you click on that, you’ll see all of your history, which you can print for your records.

Future Receipts

We are looking into having our system automatically generate annual spending receipts that will auto-email every year.  We don’t know if that will ever happen, but we hope that it is something we can look forward to, and then you won’t have to worry about searching for it at all.  We’ll keep you posted!

About Taxes and Credits

Please note that while we provide receipts for your use in the tax process, we make no claims about their eligibility, and recommend that you always consult an tax professional.