You all make me so happy to be a piano teacher :)



*New* Cantina Band – This piece uses 1,2,3 different endings for each section, pay attention. The LH is ALWAYS on beat, which gives a good pulse to bounce the RH off of.

Today we played a 12 bar blues, and talked about “guide tones” (the 3rd and 7th). We did both the traditional V-IV-I ending, as well as the more modern ii-V-I ending. If you look up 12 bar blues in C on YouTube you will find countless tracks to play around with. No notes are wrong notes, however knowing which notes *really* change between chords will make your solos sound very linked up with the music. For example, C7 is C E G Bb, and F7 is F A C Eb – so the change between E natural and Eb is a great thing to highlight. You can also of course use your ear.


From Now On from the Greatest Showman. We learned how to play the final page where the chorus sings almosttttt hands together. When looking at the paper, read the notes (watch the F#s and C#s), but if the rhythms are unknown – let your ear help you.


Periwinkle Twinkle – You can play both hands seperately easy, now look at it hands together. I drew vertical lines when the hands play together.



*New* Take Five by Dave Brubeck – this a really famous jazz tune in 5/4. Play the heck out of the LH to get the groove down, because then you don’t really need to focus on maintaining the 5/4, it just comes with the groove. Watch the key signature and don’t worry too much about the grace notes and such as they are only there because the RH melody is typically played by a saxophone.

Intriguing pop selections for level 5 –
Aint Misbehavin – I’ll print this for you next week.
It’s Hard Work – Spirited Away – Studio Ghibli Recital Repertoire 1, Intermediate Level. Piano Solo ZEN, p. 32


Castle in the Sky – Great work!!! Later on where I wrote Ab G F Eb just play those as quarter notes because that’s how the recording sounds, and then hold G for two measures. Try adding in the LH chords.

I will send or print Across the Stars for you :)


Epic – this is coming along well! Slow down and it will be easier to get the syncopation in your hands, then you can speed it up.

*New* Fade to Black – We are using this arrangement. Watch your F#s and C#s on page 1, and then on the second line of page 2 notice how it shifts keys from B minor to E minor and thefore only has F#. You’ve got this.


*New* Moon River – as much as you can. Play the last line of page 1 hands seperate first until the fingering is comfortable. Page 2 is mostly the same as what you’ve already learnt but with a different ending. I love the tempo you’ve chosen :)