Minuet – Lovely dynamics! Make sure the timing of the end of the first section is correct, Half note followed by quarter note.
Sonatina – AWESOME! great dynamics, great tempo.
Walk the Talk – All your rhythms were perfect today and I loved your crescendos.
Witches and Wizards – Great tempo. When the G minor LH triads and the Eb major RH triads begin, accent the thumb of Eb to help maintain a steady pulse.
Prelude VII – BEAUTIFUL! There is a lot of emotion to your RH, and the LH is quiet enough it comes through great.

Your method of practicing technique at random is paying off!
For sightreading be like a robot that scans for time signature, key signature, hand position and then figures out what quarter notes AND 8th notes sound at a very slow tempo.

Show up to your exam 15 minutes early with your books, the program form, and shoes you’ll be able to feel the pedal in. YOU’VE GOT THIS! Test the pedal feel at the beginning when they let you noodle around for a few seconds.


*New* Theme from Swan Lake – this is in the same position as Haunted Mouse is. Thumbs take turns on middle C.


*New* Periwinkle Twinkle – today we played through the entire RH, which loosely follows a blues form. Watch the accidentals and count carefully.


Lovely dynamics in all your pieces. The lyrical pieces create quite an emotional scene, very proud. Your balance between hands is great. Remember to always choose a tempo where you’re fully in control (mainly for Sonatina). You are fully prepared. Enjoy it.

Ear tests today went AMAZING! Pat yourself on your back for the effort you’ve put in.

Sight-reading was also fantastic, keep practicing. Be aware you could have the dotted 8th note=16th note “stic-ky” rhythm in your rhythm Tapping section.


Castle in the Sky – Trust your ear! If the note you wrote in doesn’t sound right, it likely isn’t! Trust yourself. Remember Bb, Eb and Ab. If you have time, play through the LH triads.


Epic – You’re doing great with this LH rhythm. See if you can eliminate the tension in your hands when you play and you might find it easier to play the LH rhythm while the RH is playing. I think your stiff firm arm might make it hard to lift up and repeat the same note within the given time… Listen here.

*New* Satin Doll in my book – Your goal is the first 6 bars, both hands but seperately. Choose a fingering for the RH and stick with it. Solid thirds aren’t easy, but a very very useful skill so keep at it! Listen here.