Survivor: Eye of the Tiger
–good. Let’s focus on the road map! Two strategies: listening to the song, and reading along. Work on both!
–See the new section on the sheet in google drive (chorus and post-chorus) and maintain those sections for next week
–Get the fill at the end of the chorus up to speed
–Please print the updated chart from your personal folder in the google drive
Refresh Alfred Solo #2 (lines 1-6)
–Review of C major scale, identifying the musical alphabet
–Page 33 in the piano book


Warmups (1min/ea)
–Triplet Exercise (Goal tempo=115)
–Sixteenth-note exercise (goal tempo=100)
Herbie Hancock: Watermelon Man
–Drill the third-line fill
–C Blues Scale**


–Triplet Exercise (1mm RH, 2mm LH) @ 95bpm
–Sixteenth-note Exercise 75bpm
Lenny Kravitz: Are You Gonna Go My Way
–Final touches: drill the different flam fills (all four of them) at the beginning of each practice session
–Add in the “trash can” fill at the end! Crash–>cymbal swell–>rolls low to high on the drums–>final crash!