-Warmups (slow, med, fast):
          8 on a hand
          Roll Exercise (apple-apple-watermelon-watermelon) all single strokes
*Basic Beat Level 5! Switchin LH and RH lead
Fruit Salad Game: keep it up
*Worksheet – Alfred Lesson 3 ex. 1-8


          Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles ****90bpm
                  *Focus on making Wrist Strokes
          -Sixteenth note exercise (80bpm)
                  *four counts each
Lenny Kravitz: Are You Gonna Go
          *Learn everything up to the first ending before the chorus
          **BONUS CHALLENGE: learn that first ending, listen to the track to help


          -8 on a hand exercise (three speeds, 30 sec each speed)
          -Single Stroke Roll (R-L-R-L….) playing smooth, even, controlled strokes (30 sec)
          -Double Stroke Roll (R-R-L-L…)
-Basic Beat
          -Level 4 – good work! Keep getting this more comfortable and a bit faster
                  -The same as 3.5, but now use your Left Foot to play a hihat “chick” on “2” and “4” – the same time as your snare drum
-Fruit Salad game (Pear, apple, strawberry, watermelon)
          -Come up with your own fruit salads by combining four fruits
*Alfred Lesson 3, ex. 1-8


***This week please pring PAS Rudiments Chart and Stick Control first page (ex.1-23)
          -Stick Control ex. 1-13 (Please print this from the google drive)
          -Flam, flam accent, flam tap, flamacue (30 sec each)
          -Paradiddle ex. (1min)
          -Ride pattern exercise
-Bossa Nova
          *Now do some variations: three-note groupings on the ride; hihat open/closed
*Bill Withers: Use me
          *Listen for the chorus/vocal section – what changes?
          *to work on your Hihat splashes, use ex. 3 from Drumset Musician p. 11 (in the Google Drive)         playing open hihats on:
          1) the “and” of “4”
          2) the “and” of “2”
          3) the “and” of “3”
          4) on “3”
          **each hihat splash should only last an eighth note
          *a) wuarters on hihat
          b) eighths on hihat
          c) open hihat on offbeats
          d) playing all on snare


          -double stops
          -Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles at 100bpm (1min)
-Swing beat
          -Single beats on snare (4, 3, 2, etc.)
Back in Black
          *To End of song!
          *Bring in song ideas for next week7