Hello Everybody!

We hope this note finds you well as we approach the end of the calendar year! This is a big update, so please take the time to read it and make sure you have seen all the information that applies to you!

‘Make’ Your Own Winter Experience

Did you get our note last week about our new winter programs? We have two amazing programs that are designed to have you literally make your own music.

Join Rob for our SongWriter class to create  your own music using free and easy-to-use software from home. With small class sizes (8 max) and lots of personal coaching you or your kids will learn how to write your own music and lyrics over this 10-week course ! Check it out now!

Following up on our summer success, we are excited to introduce you to our winter Guitar and Ukulele Fireside Songs class which includes a build-your-own Ukulele kit! No previous experience is required and we’ll build the Uke with you in our first class on January 10th! Join Rob and Trevor to learn two new songs a week. Click here to register and for more information.

Getting Back to In-Person

If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at our comprehensive Restart Plan. While much has changed in the public health area since it was posted, we will still be applying these approaches when we restart.

When will that be? As we’ve all observed, there are a lot of moving pieces to what is happening around us. We have been slow and cautious to our approach, in large part to make sure you have stability in your schedules and planning. Starting and stopping repeatedly would be frustrating for everyone. For the moment we will be taking a quarterly approach to our decision making on this. What this means is that we’ll decide at the end of each quarterly season what our approach will be for the following season.

For Winter 2021 we will remain fully digital. We will update you towards the end of March on our Spring 2021 plans. If you have any questions about this, please call us in the office at 416-651-7529.

Billing Update

As you know, we ran a drive to switch as many people as possible to PAP (pre-authorized payment using Void Cheque or Bank-generated PAP form) last month to help us reduce costs and try to avoid a tuition increase. We had a very positive response, and we are most grateful; we are working hard to get through this, and appreciate your help.

If you haven’t switched, please consider doing so. Give us a call and we’ll help get you set up. 416-651-7529.

All I Want for Christmas Are My Two Front Teeth?

Like your two front teeth, online reviews are what people notice first about a business.  Positive, heartfelt reviews from amazing people like you are often the defining factor in helping potential customers choose our business.  

We would be forever grateful if you could take 60 seconds to visit this link and  share your happy experiences with us (or give us a quick 5-star rating!). Feel free to talk about…

  • what instrument(s) your child is learning, or which class(es) they are in/have been in
  • your personal experience & journey and how we’ve helped with that journey
  • how you & your child have benefitted from lessons
  • anything that would be useful to share with a new potential student
  • if your kid is old enough, consider – to having them leave their own review

And if you are feeling especially generous, we’d be thrilled if you copied your review to one of our Facebook pages:

Facebook – Toronto

Facebook – GTA locations

If you haven’t been having a 5-star experience, please call us so we can work out how to make it one!

Lesson Reports & Lengths

Hopefully you have received your music lesson Progress & Recommendation reports by now. If Jay was your teacher, you will not be receiving one this fall.

Some teachers have recommended a long lesson length for your student(s) as a result of their growth–this is good news! It means that they have advanced enough to take advantage of a longer lesson to develop more sophisticated techniques and concepts.

We will be calling to ask you if you would like to increase your lesson length starting in the winter. Please let us know at your earliest convenience.

Upcoming Dates

Please take note of the following dates for your calendar:

  • 16 DEC – Last regular day of lessons
  • 19 DEC – Last day of Music Together Classes
  • 17-23 DEC Make-up Week
  • 24 DEC – 1 JAN Winter Break
  • 2 JAN Lessons & Music Together classes Resume
  • 15 FEB – Family Day (No Music Together on 13, 14 FEB)
  • 15 MAR – Last day of Winter Music Together classes
  • 15 -21 MAR – March Break (Regular Lessons on 13, 14 MAR)

DOWNLOAD the full calendar.

Office Hours Update

Since the spring we have been running on lighter staffing out of necessity. We are still focused on being available and getting back to you quickly, but we are ‘at the desk’ less.

Our current office hours are:

Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You are most likely to reach us during these times. Please plan ahead and carefully for any absences.

Be Warm & Healthy!

The ABC team hopes that you all have a lovely holiday season.