Recommended Practice Time: 30mins

What to practice: Next week lets try to get up to the chorus in the Violent Sun transcription. I’d also love to hear you run through the coordination exercise with some songs!

How to practice effectively: The coordination exercise is sounding really good so just run through it a little bit everyday with some music. I added some more to the playlist here. With Violent Sun work on getting the beat comfortable and follow along through the music listening to the song. We want to aim for being able to feel the changes in each song section and knowing whats happening more than reading off the page.

And here is some fun listening if you’re interested:

Imogen Heap, Speak for Yourself

Muse, Black Holes and Revelations

Fantastic work, especially with the coordination exercise, keep it up!


Recommended practice time: 15mins

What to practice: Next week Jonah we are going to start by going through these extra beats. We’ll also review the end of the Reading in Lesson 6 one more time.

How to practice effectively: Really good work with the Reading this week Jonah, I can tell you put some good work into it! Just keep working at it and this week we have some new fun beats to work on!

Keep up the great work my dude!


Recommended practice time: 30mins

What to practice: Next week Samson I want you to hear you play through all of Mario Beatbox and we’ll start some work on Lesson 6 as well.

How to practice effectively: I think you’ve got a good handle on the main beat for Mario Beatbox so keep working through the music and see how far you can get, try playing along to the song as well. The goal is to be as consistent as possible. Also try to see if you can come next lesson prepared to run through the Reading of Lesson 6, we’ll go over any questions you have for it.

Good stuff today Samson, you seemed a little unfocused at points today so make sure to get plenty of rest so you can bring your best energy to the lesson!


Recommended practice time: 30mins

What to practice: This week Sylvie I want you to keep working through the rest of the coordination warmup playing along to Starlight by Muse on the playlist.

How to practice effectively: Great job with this so far, this week I want you to incorporate all of the exercise and keep working through the whole thing at a good tempo. Find the spots that are tricky for you and isolate them. Don’t forget to keep good technique: starting with good bead placement on the drum and then making sure that each stroke starts and stops from the same height 6in above the drum.

Great work and focus today Sylvie!


Recommended practice time: 30mins

What to practice: This week I want you to try and work through the rest of the coordination exercise with the feet and test out playing along to some of the songs in this playlist. Also continue practicing 8-8-16 as a warmup everyday focusing on using good strokes in the left hand and the back fingers as support with the feet alternating on quarter notes.

How to practice effectively: For the coordination exercise just take each pattern super slow and then work it out with the feet, then slowly string all of the patterns together and when you feel ready try jamming out to one of the tracks on the playlist or a song you like with a similar tempo. I also want you to focus on making sure each stroke starts and stops in the same place 6in above the drum especially in the left hand. And continue to use plenty of wrist in each stroke and make sure you bead placement on the head is good as well. Awesome work this week!

Here’s some more listening:

Everything Everything, Get to Heaven

Jain, Zanaka

John Legend, A Legendary Christmas

Sufjan Stevens, Silver and Gold