It was really lovely to meet you!  You have a very sweet voice with a lot of potential.  This week I would suggest doing some searching for songs from musicals or other popular songs you like. Try to do some singing each day this week.  Be very gentle though, we are trying to strengthen and extend your range.  I look forward to our next meeting! cheers!

Wow, I can hear you have discovered some new things about your voice these past weeks.  I’m glad you found the recording was helpful.  Keep it up, try to sing the same song with different “characters” to discover what your voice can do.  Practice the Hallelujah  song this week very slowly and steadily.  Make it an exercise in long tones, extending pure vowels as long as you can. You are doing great!  See you soon!

Les Poissons was fab!  I’m so glad you are learning this tune.  Do your best to memorize the words as far as you can.  When you sing the cookie monster songs try singing it with a very quiet nasal voice.  Be gentle with your voice.  Try doing the siren exercise a few times this week.  When you do it use all your breath.  You’re doing so well! See you soon!

We really saw what a good warm up session can do to really free your voice didn’t we?  I think you had a breakthrough this week and I’m very glad of it.  Keep singing Edelweiss in different keys.  Be gentle, don’t sing loud.  Try singing it very slowly and very high and then very low.  Get to know what your voice does in different keys.  Choose another song from the Sound of Music Book to start next week.  Good job bella! See you soon!

Your original song is fabulous!  I am very proud of you for working hard on it and presenting it to me.  You are doing so well and I’m looking forward to your voice blossoming.  The Halo piece suits you very well.  Work on it with a drum beat in GarageBand or another app.  Keeping the pulse going is very important.  Try singing it at different volume levels.  Don’t over do it though.  Always be gentle with your voice.  Looking forward to more good stuff! Cheers!