Hi everyone,

Here are your assignments for this week:


Practice the intro, main beat, and fills from “Travellin” by Matt Mays. Focus on the transitions into and out of the fills. Try to play the beat a few times in a row, then transition into the first fill, then go immediately back into the beat. This will be good practice for playing along with the recording.


Keep working on the accent patterns from a couple weeks ago. You’ve done really well with them, but see if you can play them a bit faster this week while still being consistent with the rhythm. The more you practice them, the easier and more comfortable they will be. Also, work on the beat from “Supersonic” by Oasis.


Focus on the beat and fills from “Travellin” by Matt Mays. Focus especially on the timing and sticking for the longer fill in the pre-chorus. Using the same pattern of rights and lefts each time you play it will help you to be more consistent. Also, spend some time working on the accent patterns that we worked on.


Spend some time practicing the new beat that we worked on this week. Focus on keeping your sticks low and using mostly your wrist to create motion. Also, review the rhythms that we have been working on. See if you can identify how each one sounds.


Keep working on the coordination exercises from last week. Try to play each one several times in a row without stopping and at different speeds (slow, medium, and fast). Also, review the new rhythms that we covered this week.