Hi all!  It was so nice to see you again today!  I”m so glad to hear you had such successful lessons with Alejandra!

Michelle:  We added two new exercises this week – Lip trills in perfect 5ths, and minor triads using the text Oh I Saw a Sad Sight.  Those exercises are in your google drive folder.  We’re also preparing My Funny Valentine for the recital in ten days (!), and you’re working on making the rubato verse of this piece conversational.  Pretend you’re speaking the text to someone, record it, and try to imitate the phrasing when you sing it.  20 minutes practice daily.

Nila:  Nice work this week!  We’re working on memorizing Maybe – use your online resource to practice without someone else singing it.  We also added ‘blocking’ to the piece – practice with this!  Blocking helps tell the story to the audience, especially with musical theatre pieces.  You’re a real natural at this! 15 minutes practice daily.

Estelle:  You’re going to continue working on Happy Song, making sure that you are paying attention to which direction (up or down) the melody is moving.  We worked through using additive practice methods to help learn the pieces in small chunks.  This week you’re adding Position C, for the LH only.  Have fun!  15 minutes practice daily.