Hi all!

Maleeya:  You’re working on Rainbow (RH only) and the next page (LH only), and identifying C and G in the RH and C and F in the LH.  Make sure to use your diagrams at the top of the page to help you figure out where your fingers belong.  Also, keep working on maintaining that good, curved hand position with relaxed wrists!  15 minutes daily practice.

Arjean:  We’re working on paraphrasing and improvising on How Deep is the Ocean.  Use your two new rehearsal tracks to feel comfortable singing roots and thirds of all the chords as they go by.  Be very sure of the pitches as you go!  Next week, we’ll incorporate both roots and roots and thirds into some improvisation!  Also, continue to work on your technical exercises – lip trills, PaDaTi and I Sigh to Sing!  20 minutes daily practice.

Have a good week everyone!