Sounds like you all had a great, productive time with Emmett! Here are *his* notes for the week:


technical requirements are slowing down! Talked about relative minor, C major, Am hands together 2 octaves, G maj 2 octaves. Started to slow down for the end of scales, keeping consistent and EVEN on the way down. Focus on evenness. Dmin natural Mel and harm. Hands separate and then together. Working in visualizing scales before we play them to avoid playing wrong notes the first time.

Witches and wizards – memorized, take it slow, emphasis on control! Talked about pedal control and when to pedal! Slow practise emphizes the mistakes and you can highlight them. Work on time slowly. Memorize dynamics and keep the Piece interesting, lightweight dynamic more!

Walk the talk, good sense of time! Trying not to slow!


C. Major both hands, 2 octaves! Key signature? G major, breaking hands apart and then putting back together for fingering! Remembering left hand fingering coming down.

Learned the chords and melody with rhythm to Havana (Camila Cabelo)


Learned chord terminology!! Went over chord pattern of C-Am-F-G. Did Perpetual motioning C and G! Watching left hand fingering! Focusing on fingering!
Learned the chords for Over the Rainbow.


G major, hands together, evenness and tempo! E min, harm, B maj, G min, nat, mel, harm,
Arp, C major, Eb major, right hand,
Chromatic scale!

Ballade – Good dynamics! Take fermatas longer, transitions smoother! Overall lovely phrasing and dynamics! Metronome,

Cloud dance – pedalling! Note pedal. Swells and slurs not want to hear the pedal.

Air in B flat – Nice tempo, a little ghost notes at times. Soaring through notes! No speeding up.

Sonatina in C major – bring out the melody, no speeding up, slow practise on hard sections!

Nightime in the city – Nice swing feel, slow it down for accuracy.

Take the A train – Had a lovely chat about jazz


Morning fanfare – good use of dynamics! Staccatos and slurs! Focus on accuracy and slowing don to catch all the articulations. Fermata, practised motion for left hand staccatos while the right is not! Don’t rush the 16th notes.

Minuet in C – 3/4 waltz feel, work on your tempo while playing slowly to not speed up. Watch your ties! Dont play the note twice! Keep your eyes up to not lose your place!

Song of the dark woods – dynamics, slower to remain in control! Watch you ties again, don’t just trust your ear. Look up at the music as you go. Dont try and muscle through at a fast tempo.


Formula patterns, C major, left hand fingering. G major, A minor, slow because its new, same pattern as C.

The wind – Pedalling, watch the time switches, take it at a reasonable tempo. Good sense of pianissimo. Working on pedalling. Practise good fingering for parts that need to have a smooth connected feeling.

Entree in A minor – take it slow and connected to understand it fully, watch the octave you play the right hand in, dynamics. Wrist position higher to let the fingers move less, it’s less punchy by a long shot.

Periwinkle twinkle – Watch for rests in the right hand, slow down and get accurate. Staccato last note! Dynamics!

Breezy – watch the eighth note lines. Find the hard parts and then play the whole thing that tempo! Consistency!