Great job everyone! You make me feel very lucky to have such lovely people to work with!


Sonatina in G major – Woohoo!!! Really nice progress. In the final section, get the RH ascending part legato when marked. Use any rest prior to a position change to move your hand ahead of time.

Walk the Talk – I LOVE the texture you’re playing with. The detached left hand creates a perfect amount of space for the melody to shine through. You ARE playing the rhythm right for the dotted quarter note part, however slightly behind the beat, which is why that last 8th note should fall BEFORE the metronome click and not on beat 1.

*New* Minuet in G – Leopold. Such a famous melody! HT first section. Don’t do the trills just yet.

Technique – Solid triads can be thicker and warmer in tone. Play scales hands seperate with focus solely on fingering this week.


Somewhere over the Rainbow – You’re doing so well singing and playing at the same time! Try to keep your hands in their positions so you can build muscle memory of which finger plays which key. If needed, a low resolution version of the sheet music can be found here.


Air in Bb – LH figures that are exactly like the opening melody can be played legato to create unity (like in the 2nd section).

Sonatina in C – Great progress! Add in dynamics this week, the opening section is the quietest part each time it returns, and other parts have different textures and a larger sound so bring that to life.

Cloud Dance – stay big and in tempo until M12. This is the brightest moment of the piece, it is majestic and grand but it shouldnt drag. Your two note slurs and tempo changes are gorgeous.

Nighttime – I’ll hear next week.

Ballade – I’ll hear next week.

Technique is all great, you are well above the minimum tempo in all areas. Continue to add dynamics.


*New* The Snake – play this HS in the way that the hands are taking turns. Fingering is sooo important to get right off the start. All Bs are flat and Cs are sharp.

Morning Fanfare – dust off this one while paying attention to the page.

Universal and Superman – Great reading and passion to work on these! I will always listen to these and help guide you, but my focus will be on the RCM pieces for the next little while.

Technical skills – great job on the contrary motion scale 2 octaves! keep it all maintained.


Periwinkle – There are still the same 3 details to fix this week. Please pay close attention to fixing these details ASAP so your muscle memory can adapt! M6 notes, m8 rhythm, m9 go up higher.

Breezy – Good job, but there are still articulations being ignored, at each legato break, the music must take a breath. The 2 beats in the box is still too messy hands together, go extremely slow and accurate with this. Don’t repeat until you get it right, repeat until you can’t get it wrong.

Entree – more detached texture is needed to bring the time period to life. Quarter notes should be detached. Great rhythms and feel tho! It really shines when you play hands seperate, I’m excited to hear it’s final state.

Technique – sounding nice. Ensure your broken triads are a constant flow of even triplets, and not a quick collection of notes and then slowly moving to the next position.

Parental involvement: please ask him what is the goal for each piece within each practice session or simply check in to see if he is working on fixing these small details. Once the foundation is secure, we can begin to polish, but accuracy first is integral.


Minuet in F – you’re right on track! Pick a spot you hesitate on and loop it until you can play it correctly slowly multiple times in a row, then collect that to a nearby bar and repeat.

*New* Follow the Leader – I would practice this where you have the hands take turns playing each melody outside of the context of any overlap or timing. Listen here.

Technique – great job with the 2 octave scales. Keep practicing it to get used to the fingering. Just remember standard scale fingering is used within each octave, the only thing that changes is using finger 4 to “reset” the hand to standard fingering within the 2nd octave.