Great job again this week everybody, its super fun teaching such a talented group!


Fantastic work this week Ella, I could tell the hi-hat exercise is helping you and that you had put some work in! Keep chunking through stuff and breaking things down this week and really go for pushing those tempos in a relaxed way!

Recommended Practice Time: 30mins

What to practice: Keep working the Breezeblocks hi-hat exercise, then work on all the beats and transitions, and then try doing the whole song. The goal this week week is to keep pushing tempos and try to get to 120.

How to practice effectively: Find a slightly challenging tempo to practice at for the day. Then do the hi-hat exercise and practice all the beats at that tempo, feel free to break down each beat as necessary. Then try going through the whole song and starting the whole process at a faster tempo!



Awesome playing this week Jonah! It was really cool seeing you catch on to the new fills, its sounds amazing, keep up the good work!

Recommended practice time: 15mins

What to practice: Keep practicing different fills with the beat we practiced this week. Practice fills on different drums with new beats!

How to practice effectively: Try the 16th note hi-hat beat we did and every 4th repetition, on the last beat try playing a four note fill on the snare drum or toms and all around the drums! Try coming up with your own fill breaks and try fills with different beats at different tempos.



Super fun playing with you this week Samson! I love your engagement with learning these songs and it was super fun to get working on Crab Rave.

Recommended practice time: 15mins

What to practice: Work through the first half of Crab Rave every day.

How to practice effectively: You’ve got a good eye for reading the part so whats going to be important is to keep the tempo consistent between the different sections. Practice each part separately and then put them together working on the transitions. Try working out the beat as well to get a head start on next week!



Feel better and keep rocking out this week with whatever you feel like playing!


Excited to keep playing and learning with you guys next week!



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