Nice getting to know you a little bit this first lesson! You have a great grasp on the foundations of the trumpet which will making learning new concepts a breeze.

What To Practice:

Lead Pipe Buzzing: 10 mins. For this exercise, you have to remove the tuning slide… don’t lose it! Take a healthy breath, and begin to buzz through the mouthpiece & lead pipe. Experiment here with different volume, as well as pitch. This exercise will develop your sound, aid you in learning how to take proper breaths & help you to engage your core. Remember: when you breath it should be like filling a glass with water… air fills from the bottom up! :)

Major Scales: Great job hearing that new major scale during lesson. For next week play 3 major scales, of your choice, slurred & tongued. I can help you with fingerings if you get stuck but I think your ear will guide you! If you have trouble playing through them all because of the range, try to slow it down. Only move onto the next note when you feel super comfortable on the current one. Each scale/ note will feel different but remember the air ALWAYS keeps moving forward. Build up air speed to reach the top!! When you’re tonging, remember the tongue just gets in the way for a split second. Think of the faucet analogy. 

Lip Slurs: 15 mins. I’m glad you discovered its more comfortable to start high and slur low. You made it sound easy!! Start on G and slur down to C & back. Go through all 7 finger positions or until you can’t go any lower. From there, add a note on top. Ex: Low G -> D -> G->B (they will all have the same fingering) and expand from there. If you feel good about it, I’m sure you can make it from C -> G -> C->E…. maybe even to the G on top!! Subtle movements… think pressurizing air stream.

Also: Have one video game song prepared for next week!! learn it by ear and we can chat about it :) Doesn’t have to be the full thing, just a couple phrases/ bars.