Hello Cornerstone parents and students!

Starting after exams, your homework will arrive on this page on Thursday or Friday of each week.  You can bookmark and visit this page any time, or sign up for the emails on the main ABC/Cornerstone page, and your specific homework will go right to your email!  We encourage you to sign up now.  If you have students at home that have their own emails, phones, tablets, or computers, we encourage you to have them sign up, as well.  We are increasing the level of accountability moving forward, and would like everyone to have the opportunity to be as well informed as possible.

If you are looking at this page before February 7th, please note that these pages are still under construction, and many of the features will be coming soon.  We’ll send out some general notes to you via email during the 7-week program, as well.  This will keep you up to date on the programming.


B. Kerekes