Good lessons, today, guys!  Although, some of you did practice/research, some had ants in their pants, or something?  Must be the moon!


Yes, your grandmother explained it well.  You were sick for a week and, upon getting better, just couldn’t stop giggling!  Hopefully, you get to practice this week, and are more focused next lesson.  You were a hoot, though!


Note-reading, my friend!  I thought you were better/quicker at recognizing the notes on the page.  Did I overlook something, had you not practiced much the last two weeks, or did we both just drink some bad water?


Great job, today, buddy!  Your steady progress continues.  Remember to read the notes I’ve written in your notebook before you practice each song!


You found some songs!  Now, PRACTICE with your iPad, remember what I showed you for the melody lines, but LISTEN, and pick out matching keys.  Trial and error, persistence.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!