Hi Sebastian,

Great to see you this week again! Below is the homework for next week.


  • Longtones: Continue working on getting the tone to be as clear as possible as you move through the various dynamics. Try to avoid the fuzzy and bubbly sounds, and use a consistent and steady air stream. Focus on the start and end of the note, but try to control and maintain the centre of the note as you move into louder dynamics.
  • Continue practicing the chromatic scale and major scales: Use the full range of the saxophone when practicing the scales, and try working with a metronome in order to feel a steady pulse. Go slow and pinpoint/focus on the problem areas in each scale.
  • Practice “Sweet Dreams” with a metronome at a very slow tempo. Don’t always play by memory – try to actually read the music and associate the note names with the related fingerings. Be sure to follow the markings (dynamics, articulations) and try to always think about the tone. Distinguish between parts where you are playing a supportive role as opposed to melody parts (think about your role in the ensemble even when you are practicing your part on your own).
  • Please find more time to practice throughout the week! Daily practice (even if it is for a shorter span of time) will allow us to move onto more material and cover new areas in music and technique!

Best of luck!