You did so well today with your listening and singing back to me.  The song “The Water is Wide” is a lovely song that suits you very well.  I hope you will enjoy continuing to learn it.  I am also impressed with your work at creating 2 and three note chords at the piano with one and two hands at the same time.  Keep doing this as much as you can these next few weeks.  See how big and beautiful you can make your chords.

Good work today!  I can hear your higher notes getting clearer and stronger. Please memorize On My Pond for next time.  Have a look at the Happiness Is song from Your a Good Man Charlie Brown.  This is pretty simple for you, but has interesting twists and turns melodically.  This is good for you to build strength and agility.  see if you can find a recording of it to study.  I’m very happy with your progress.  :)

Halo is coming along very well.  I hear you taking command more and more and this is good news!  Don’t be afraid to show your confidence when singing. Continue to do warm ups every day, very gentle.  Always start on a quiet higher note and sing down the scale.  Always stop if your throat feels tight or sore.  take a rest and try again.  In secret work on the bumble bee/cat meow nasal sound. I hope to hear some of this next week!