Hi everyone,

I would like to let you all know that my percussion quartet, Spectrum, is performing next Friday night, December 11, at St. Barnabas Church (361 Danforth). The concert starts at 8pm and it’s Pay What You Can. We have the principal percussionist from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, John Rudolph, joining us as a guest soloist. You’re all invited to come and I hope you can make it – there will be lots of great drumming at this concert!

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Great work on the triplet exercises this week! Take a look at the accent patterns which are new this week. Practice each of them with the bass drum on the beginning of each triplet. Be careful not to play the bass drum at the same time as the accent in #2 and #3.


Keep working on the beats from “Better When I’m Dancing.” Focus on keeping everything really steady without speeding up or slowing down. Slow practice will help develop this consistency. Also, take a look at the new fill that we worked on at the end of the lesson.


You’re pretty much finished now with “Good Life.” Next week we will start on something new. Keep practicing the song though, especially the chorus where the bass drum sometimes gets off. Also, continue to improvise new fills in the song. Be creative with them and try out some different rhythmic ideas.


Great work once again on “Dani California.” Remember to listen to the song a few times before Sunday to keep it fresh in your mind. Also, we started working on triplets this week at the end of the lesson. Review what we worked on and we’ll revisit it next week.


Good job on the coordination exercises this week! Take some time this week to review what we worked on: hi-hat on top, snare drum in the middle, bass drum on the bottom. Right hand plays the hi-hat, left hand plays the snare drum, and right foot plays the bass drum. We’ll do more of these next week.


“Watching the Wheels” is going to be great at the recital. You sound awesome! Keep reviewing the syncopated drum beats as we will revisit them again next week. We will also start working on something new.