Hello Everybody!

The tentative times follow below for our Winter recital.  Please note that with the current bookings/demand, there will be no 3:00 time.  We apologize to anyone unable to make that time, and hope to see you in the spring recital!

Name in Red?  This means we don’t know what song(s) they are playing, so please call the office ASAP so we can adjust that.

For Music Together Families, please feel free to join us for one of the recital times, which are short and sweet, and absolutely free to attend.  We are very happy to see you there, and it is not too early to expose your children to other, older children modeling performance behaviours.

The recital is at Casa do Alentejo, located at 1130 Dupont St. Recommended parking is at Galleria Mall, at Dufferin and Dupont.

12:00 PM

3 Spots Left.  Teachers attending: Andrea

  • Griffin Leong
  • Madison Smith
  • Charlotte Leong
  • Osten Smith
  • Claire Maciver
  • Simon Kotanen
  • Rachel Lewars
  • Chiara Rocca
  • Taï Vaughan
  • Edward Ambrosius

1:00 PM

9 Spots Left.  Teachers attending: Timothy

  • Aiden Davies-Gedalof
  • Mazin Cukic
  • Gerardo Cardenas

2:00 PM

FULL.  Teachers attending:

  • Matias Alvarez-Lewis
  • Nathan Mackenzie
  • Jessie Strong
  • Gaby Alvarez-Lewis
  • Gemma Hornsey
  • Samuel Birenbaum
  • Chloe McKergow
  • Justing Cunha
  • Jeffrey Yang
  • Kollel Westby
  • Veda Hyland
  • Cathy Carpino
  • Chiara Rocca