Hi everyone,

Here are your practice assignments for this week:


Practice the metronome exercise that we worked on this week. Do it exactly how we did in your lesson. Start with the metronome at 120 and use that as your eighth note pulse. Play the exercise several times in a row with your right hand leading, then with your left hand. Then repeat this with the metronome at 140, 160, 180, and 200. Once you can do it comfortably with both hands at 200, then cut the speed in half (100) and use that as your quarter note pulse. Then practice it this way while gradually increasing the speed (120, 140, 160, etc.) Make sure that you are listening very carefully to the metronome the whole time and that you’re not getting out of sync with it.


Practice the exercise that I gave you in your lesson with a metronome. Try different speeds between 60 and 200. See how long you can keep in sync with the metronome without speeding up or slowing down. It is crucial that you listen very closely to the metronome and focus on staying with it. In order to play in a band or with other musicians, you need to be able to keep a steady beat and this is the best way to develop that skill.


Practice the bridge section of “Say it Ain’t So.” Focus on the transitions between fills and beats. Remember to count out loud before you play and while you’re playing. This will help you to play with accuracy and consistency. Also, take it slow. When practicing a new part for the first time, don’t feel like you have to play it at full speed. It’s easier to learn music at a slow speed than at a quick one.


Practice the 4 drum beats that you have written down in your folder. Count the rhythm of each one before you try to play it. Look for the relationship between the bass notes and the snare notes. Practice them slowly at first and then gradually speed them up as you feel comfortable. Don’t sacrifice accuracy for speed though! This is very important.


Practice the beat from “Paradise” by Cold Play. Try practicing just the bass and snare together, then just the bass and hi-hat together, and then try putting it all together. Do it slowly at first and once that starts to feel comfortable, try playing it at a faster speed. You can also try to play along with the recording if you want to. We will do more of this at your next lesson.


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