Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Keep working on the triplet exercises this week, especially the one with the middle note of the triplet missing. Play it at a variety of speeds, and try starting slow then gradually speeding up. Also practice the jazz rhythm on the ride cymbal and hi-hat. We’ll be doing more work on that next week.


Practice the new beats from “Better When I’m Dancing.” Focus on keeping the bass drum rhythm steady and not slowing down. Also, practice the sticking that I showed you for the beat on the hi-hat. Practicing it that way slowly will help you to play it fast much more easily later.


“Good Life” sounded really great this week. Spend some time this week practicing just the beat. Focus on keeping it really steady and consistent. Take a look at the fills written in your book, but also keep improvising some of your own.


Great work on “Dani California” this week! It sounds really good! Review it a few times this week. This could mean just listening to the song to remind yourself how it goes. I think you’ll be in really good shape for the recital.


Review the rhythms in your book this week. Work on keeping each rhythm steady and not stopping or pausing in the middle. Next week we will be working on coordination exercises, and we’ll also learn some new rhythms.


“Watching the Wheels” sounded really great this week. Play it a few more times before next week to keep it fresh. Also, keep working on the syncopated drum beats, especially the new one. We’ll take a look at them next week and see if we can increase the speed a little bit.