Hello piano explorers and parents


Hope everyone is having a great week so far. A reminder that I am away for the next two weeks, so subbing for me is Timothy Bartsch. (Click on his name to check out his great profile!).



Do 5-finger warm-ups (for about 2-5 min) before starting to play your songs. Start from the beginning, like we did today, and slowly work your way to the latest song, River Road. Review the chords for Stay with Me.


Nice choice of Ode to Joy for the recital! Start hands together, count silently, and work on the quick E-F-E section. Try not to tense up when you play these as it slows your fingers down. Keep the “fairy” under your hand. You can play River Road if you have time this week.


In Cowboy Song Medley continue onto the next part of the song. Your Turkey in the Straw is making progress.  Be careful not to rush the quarter notes. In Little Sonatina, you’re almost there! Continue to polish it and make it really smooth and flowing. Also, start Silent Night in your book.


Your When the Saints and Star Spangled Banner are improving. Aim to find the LH chords quickly to get the song flowing. In Star Spangled, continue to refine the rhythm. Listen to the examples below to get a sense of the final outcome (they are played at a slower tempo so you can hear the rhythm clearly, and play along if you like).