Hi everyone,

Here are the homework assignments for this week:


Keep working on the open hihat beats, especially the new ones from this week. Focus on the movement of your left foot and try to keep it in time with your right hand. Also, take some time this week to practice something new – improvise some drum beats and fills of your own.


Practice playing triplets on the snare drum with the bass drum on the beginning of each beat. Start slow and gradually speed up. See how fast you can go without losing control of the rhythm. Also, take a look at the two triplet-based drum beats that are new this week.


Practice playing “Good Life” along with the recording. Focus on playing the beat at the right speed and staying in time with the music. Also, try playing some 16th-note fills at the appropriate places in the music.


Keep working on the song “Dani California.” Practice keeping steady time while playing the verse beat and the chorus beat. Also, take a look at the new fill from the end of the guitar solo. Make sure you’re playing it in the right spot – on beat 4 of the verse beat. We’ll work on it some more when I see you on Saturday.


Great work this week on “Watching the Wheels.” It sounds great! Take a look at the syncopated beats that are new this week. Practice them slowly and focus on making them feel comfortable. We’ll work more on these at the next lesson.

Have a great week!