Hello Piano explorers and parents


What amazingly warm weather we’ve had! Here’s the homework summaries for this week.


In Rain, Rain be sure to hold the left hand chords while the right hand plays. Practice switching between the two different LH chords. Try to switch without looking down at your fingers.


Complete one page in your theory book.  Play the first 4 exercises in your Dozen a Day book daily to develop finger strength and dexterity.

Please bring your assignment book next week so I can write down any notes for the week.


In On Your Toes,  wait for one beat (rest). Let the left hand copy the right hand in the second line. In bar 11, check to make sure you’re playing all  4 E’s. Nice job on Brother John.


Welcome back! We did some review during the lesson in Ode to Joy. In bars 10 and 11, you need to play the E-F-E quickly, not just E-F.


Your Star Spangled Banner is progressing well. Think about how a singer would sing each sentence, and try to shape each phrase musically, like a singer. In When the Saints, move just your finger 1 to A, but keep the rest of your hand where it is.


Well done on He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.  Check your rhythm in William Tell Overture (there are quick notes, but be careful not to make longer notes quick as well). Great energy and fast playing on it though! In This Land, be careful not to go through ending 1 to ending 2.