Hello everyone,

As a part of the new homework e-mail system implemented by the ABC School of Music, here is the first weekly homework e-mail for Jonny’s Thursday students.


Keep working on the accent patterns that you were given, especially the new ones for this week. Also try adding quarter notes on the bass drum while playing the accent pattern with your hands. Don’t sacrifice accuracy for speed – only play as fast as you can play consistently.


Work on the new syncopated Rock/Funk beats. Keep it slow until you feel confident about the off-beat rhythms. Focus on making the beat sound and feel comfortable.


Work on the new flam pattern. Count the 3s and 2s out loud while you play. Also practice your drags (new this week) and take a look at the new pattern that incorporates both flams and drags.


Practice your quarter note and eighth note rhythms. Remember to count out loud while you play. Try to keep a steady beat.


Work on the new open hi-hat beats. Practice them slow until they feel comfortable. Then try speeding them up. Also keep working on the Springsteen song.

Thanks to everyone for your hard work this week! Keep it up!