Hello Piano explorers and parents


Continue to experiment with creating loud and quieter sounds, focusing on how much effort is required to produce a consistent “soft” sound. Keep playing: you’re progressing each week!


Wow, nice work on the C major scale today! It was fun creating our halloween song together.  For “Song for a Scarecrow”, practice the RH alone for a few times to make sure you’re playing all the correct notes.


Nice work with your songs this week. I could tell you practice your songs last week. Continue to help point to notes to help her to focus and track how the notes move.



With “Jingle Bells”, listen to the sounds you are making; does it sound like the song? Also, check if the quicker notes are played quicker.


In “Martians”, aim to maintain a steady pulse so that the RH will end up steadier. Here’s a symphony playing No. 40 by Mozart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzBwa2jI1Oc


I could tell you practiced “If you’re happy” because you were able to find your position quicker than last week after the clapping in between. Check some of your LH chords (in color). Aim to practice a little daily.


“Mexican Hand Clapping” listen for a nice short, crisp staccato created with your wrist and fingers. Work on producing a consistent glissando in “Halloween Howl”.