Hi Everyone!

Here are your assignments for this week:


Go through the chords we looked at today and see if you can play them by name without looking at the sheet.  Also take a look at the opening chords to “Safe and Sound”, try playing them in a loop at the pace of the song.


Check out “The Show” with the alternating strumming pattern we looked at in lesson today.  Note that we can accentuate the chord higher or lower in pitch by playing higher or lower string sets.  Also listen to the song and see if you can get a feel for the “form” and chords that are long vs short.


Take a look at the Bar chords we played through today (F, Fminor, B, B minor).  Practice making the chord shapes, taking your hand off the guitar neck, and making the shape again.  Combine this exercise with playing one string at a time to check for sound and clarity, then return to the original exercise to put your good habits into muscle memory.  Go through the notes on the E string that we looked at today, this could be your warmup this week.


Thanks everyone, and have a great week!