Excellent lessons today and practice this week, piano peeps!!  Keep it up!


So happy about your willingness to take on new musical challenges and concepts, and are yearning to learn!!  Talent is one thing (which you have), but MOTIVATION and PRACTICE are just as important, if not more so, than talent.  And, guess what ~ so far you are showing great motivation and your practicing is quite evident.  So, at this rate, you’ll be making music on the keys in no time.  I promise you!!


Finally killed/understood ‘Maple Leaf’.  Great.  Remember the rules of lyricsm!  1.  Make ever melodic note SOUND GOOD 2. Connect every melodic note to the next melodic note in a way that the melodic line TELLS an INTERESTING STORY.


Play with more VIGOR/ENERGY, sir!  Bring the music to life – so as you move/dance/ while your fingers are on the keys, so is the sound you are producing.  And, PRACTICE!!!!  You’ve been on the same songs since before the summer.


Fantastic first lesson, Vivian!!!  Read through/follow the instructions for the first few pages of the book I asked you to buy, until you get to ‘Twinkle Twinkle’.  Then, practice ‘Twinkle..’, articulating and connecting the keys in the way that I showed you, using the correct fingerings.


Great second lesson!!  Practice/read through the books I asked you to purchase for Vivian, and practice the C major scale H.S. (hands separately), then H.T. (hands together) using the fingerings that I showed you.


Superb progress this past week, Brian!!  Don’t forget to MOVE to a pulse (any steady pulse) as you play.  Practice the first two pages of your music book 1. pizz. (plucking the strings) then 2. arco (with the bow).


Good work on your exercises.  Now, for your piece, practice in SLOW MOTION (keeping the tempo/speed steady), MOVING to the ‘1-2-3-4′ rhythm as you play.