Great to hear your work on the Rochut that you’ll play in the recital.  From here on out, do a quick spot-check of the piece before you run it.  With any tricky fingering passages, spend as much time as you need to practice these  passages slowly, so that you can nail them every time.  Gradually increase the speed of them from there.  Be sure you’re not practicing making mistakes, especially in the same places, as you go forward with it.  Keep up the great work with phrasing.

Nice job with sight reading no. 12 tonight.  I’ll look forward to hearing it in two weeks time.

I really enjoyed working on the duet, and look forward to continuing with it! In your practising, work out which passages you’ll take down the octave, mark them in the music, and practice them this way.

Nice sight reading with the tenor clef etudes – it’s always a good challenge to sight read in a different clef than we’re used to!

As discussed, I’ll be away next week, but Anders Azzopardi will be subbing for me.  I hope you enjoy working with him!

See you on April 19th!