Nice work with the additional Remington flexibility exercises this week.  Aim for full and consistent sound throughout all registers. Incorporate the 16th notes exercise into your daily warm-up routine.

Try to stay relaxed in your upper body while playing in the high range.  Think of moving a smaller, faster air stream to produce sound in the high register (rather than having tension in your body to create resistance).

Once you were settled in and feeling comfortable, you played this week’s Rochut beautifully.  Nice legato playing and phrasing.  I like the note changes you suggested from G to G sharp in the final few bars – it makes for a more interesting implied harmony.

I’ll look forward to hearing your work on Rochut no. 11 this week.  Experiment with pushing the tempo – see how quick and agile you play make it!  Also experiment with adding vibrato to some of the sustained notes.  Mark in any adjustments to octave that intend to play ahead of time, and practice them this way every time.

Think about which piece you’d like to play in the recital.  I think any of the Rochuts we’ve worked on this year would be a good choice.  I’ll have more details next week, and we can discuss.

Nice sight-reading of the technical etudes as well.

Have a good week!