Nice work on long tones and lip slurs this week.  Great to hear how your range and flexibility are developing.  Work on these exercises as a warm-up each time you go to play, and remember to take in full, relaxed breaths through the corners of your mouth, and to keep the mouthpiece in place.

Keep working on playing the B flat major scale, focusing on fluidly, and keeping a steady tempo.  Playing all slurred helps with this.

Good job with the tunes you wrote out – I’ll look forward to hearing your work on these next week.  Remember to bring your music for class as well!



Congrats again on another big step forward!  I’m thrilled to hear how your range and sound are improving.

Keep working on the lip slur and articulation exercises that we played together.  After slurring from the low note to the higher note in the same position, rearticulate the higher note, and play it with a big, open, confident sound.

It’s nice to see how your confidence with reading music has come along, too.  Work on the two tunes we played this week, and write one of your own out as well.


Have a great week!