Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Great work on the beat from “I’ve Got the Feelin’!” Keep practicing it this week and remember what we discussed about accents. The accents begin off the beat (on the “ands”) but on beat 2 of the second bar, they switch to being on the beat. Then they switch back to the off-beats when you repeat. Try to feel these accents every time you practice the beat.


Keep working on the ghost note beats that we have been working on. They’re getting a lot better! Make sure that the ghost notes are always much softer than the non-ghosted notes on the snare drum. It will help to practice slowly and to always be aware of how high you are lifting your stick above the drum (height determines volume).


The accent patterns are starting to sound really great! Keep working on them and see if you can play them a little bit faster this week. Be sure to always count while you play so that you can keep the pattern consistent. Also, focus on keeping the non-accented notes soft.


Practice the new rhythms and beats that we worked on in your lesson this week. Always count the rhythm out loud before you play it, and then listen carefully to what you play to make sure it matches what you counted. Play each exercise several times in a row without stopping before moving on to the next one.