Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Great work this week on Travellin’! Practice the 16th-note beat from Verse 3 this week. Take it slow and focus on keeping the non-accented notes soft. Also, review each of the fills from the first page of your music. This will help keep it fresh. Next week we will review these things and then work on finishing the song.


Practice the new rhythms and beats that we worked on in your lesson. Always count the rhythm out loud before you play it, and then listen carefully to what you play to make sure it matches what you counted. Play each exercise several times in a row without stopping before moving on to the next one.


Travellin’ is sounding really great! Focus this week on tightening up the 16th-note beat from Verse 3. Try to keep the non-accented notes really soft while also maintaining the evenness of the 16th notes. Also, review all the fills from the first page and, if you have time, practice playing along with the recording.


Find some new music this week that you really like to listen to. It can be anything (doesn’t necessarily need to feature drums) and come with the name of the song next week. We’ll listen to it and see what we can learn from it. Also, keep working on your drum roll!