Hi everyone,

Next week you will have a substitute teacher named Shawn. He teaches regularly at ABC on Monday nights. I will let him know what each of you have been working on. Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Keep working on the drum beats that have been written down in your book. Focus on maintaining a sense of pulse while you play. I encourage you to spend some time this week listening to some music and see if you can hear the “back beat” in each song. Listen for the sound of the snare drum and try to feel the same sense of pulse that you feel when you’re playing.


Keep working on the fills from “Chameleon” by Herbie Hancock. Focus on the coordination of your left foot with the rest of the beat. Also, spend some time listening to the rest of the song that we haven’t worked on yet. See if you can pick out any changes in the beat or differences in the fills. Practice playing what you hear.


Practice the fills and the chorus from the song “Mercy” by Muse. Focus on the transitions between sections and on keeping the pulse steady. Also, spend some time listening to the song and see if you can hear exactly how your part fits in with everything else.


Great work on “Ride” by 21 Pilots! You’re going to be awesome at the recital! Just remember to stay focussed, especially throughout the slower sections, and don’t forget the crashes. Maintaining a steady beat during the whole song is the most important thing. Have a good show!