Hi everyone,

Here is the homework for this week.


  • Spend some time working on your major scales this week, including new addition Eb. Make sure to practice the thirds and arpeggio for the new scale.
  • Use the Rubank book to continue on with your sight reading. Focus on the Eb related exercises/high register exercises. Remember you don’t need to use the book chronologically. Play what you feel will help you with problem areas.
  • If you get a chance to stop by Long & McQuade, try to pick up some new reeds. Mitchell Lurie is a great student brand. RICO Reeds are also a fine option. Maybe pick out some music that you would like to play in lessons – I will try to find some duets for us also.


  • Spend the next few days before the recital focusing on your rock band tunes. Make sure to practice both songs with a metronome. When practicing start by isolating any problem areas & look at the music section by section. When you have done this & feel confident, then spend some time playing each piece from beginning to end.
  • Please bring a folder next week!!! You need to have a place to put your music so it doesn’t get lost/crumpled up.


  • Spend the majority of your time practicing in front of a mirror so you will catch any errors in your embouchure &/or finger positioning. Watch out for your middle finger on the left hand & your ring finger on your right hand specifically. Make sure also that your pinky finger is curved on your right hand instead of laying flat on the key. Think of your hand as being in a C position as if you’re holding a glass.
  • On that note, make sure you are not gripping on to the keys so tightly as well. This causes a lot of unnecessary tension.
  • Try working through the 3 pages we talked about in the Rubank book. Feel free to explore the book a little bit if you get through that material quickly.
  • Work on your fingerings/note names this week for the majority of your practice time. Try doing register slurs as a warm up to help with sound & memorization. Refer to the fingering chart in your band book to help with note names. Remember the register key changes the lower note to a twelfth higher or an octave plus four.
  • Try making your way through C major scale.


  • Here is what an ideal practice schedule would look like, at least for the next while until your audition:
    – 5 minutes for warm up; long tones going down chromatically with the metronome at 75/80, holding each note for 4 beats
    – 10 minutes on major scales
    – 15 to 20 minutes on the assigned audition piece
    – 15 to 20 minutes on audition piece of your choice
  • Make sure to pick up some new reeds at Long & McQuade. I would suggest getting a 2 strength (since I believe you were using 2 1/2) & asking for Rico Reeds.
  • Try playing your scales with a metronome & gradually increasing the speed when you feel ready. Maybe increase each scale by 5 bpm at a time.
  • Work on incorporating dynamics into your audition piece. Pay attention to any articulation markings as well. Be more severe with both of these at first just so they become incorporated into your playing, & then you can back off a little bit later on.