Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Since you didn’t have time to practice last week, please review your previous homework instructions: Keep practicing those accent patterns. You need to count out loud while practicing to ensure that you are keeping a steady beat and not adding extra notes. Don’t worry about playing fast. Go slow and focus on accuracy and consistency.


Practice the two new ghost note beats that we worked on this week. Gradually increase the speed as the beats start to feel more comfortable. Be sure not to let the ghost notes get louder as you play faster. Also, come up with some more of your own ghost note beats to complement the ones we have already done.


Take a look at the new ghost note beats that we worked on this week. Practice them slowly and make sure that you can hear a clear difference between the ghost notes and the regular notes. You may find it helpful to practice just the bass drum and snare drum parts without the hi-hat. Then add the hi-hat back in. If you would like to, try to come up with your own beats using ghost notes rather than just practicing the ones in you book.


Great work on Black Dog this week! Focus on practicing the section that uses the ride cymbal. Remember the double notes on the ride and that the bass drum plays on the second of those two notes (not on the first). Also, work on the new fill that we learned from the song. Start slow, then gradually speed up and see how fast you can go.


Practice the new coordination exercises that we worked on this week. Remember that when two notes are stacked on top of one another that means to play them together. Keep a steady speed and count out loud if you feel like you’re getting lost. Next week we will work on playing these exercises faster.