Great job again this week, guys!


Now that’s what I’m talking about!  A little effort goes a long way, my dear!  Connecting notes while lifting fingers high (yet still curved) when coming off of notes — ‘spider fingers’.  Bass clef!  Memorize the sayings for the lines and spaces of the Bass clef, then when you see a note that’s on a line or space, you will note which key it is telling you to play on the keyboard.


Keep eyes on the page until you are sure you are doing EVERYTHING correctly!  Then, and only then, should you try to play the piece by memory.  And, stop fidgeting!!  Posture and playing apparatus (elbows/wrists) alignment is of utmost importance when playing the piano.


Starting the next level!  For Allegro in D major, remember that notes that are note within slurs should be detached, and at the end of slurs, come of the keys.  It’s all in the dance!


FINGERTIPS!!!  Lol.  Your finger articulation has gotten better, but it can be better yet.  A good pianist plays on their fingertips (elbows out/wrists high) most of the time, depending on the style of music and piece one plays.