Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the jazz beats that I wrote in your book with the two different bass drum patterns. Play both of them at a variety of different speeds so that you feel comfortable with them. Next week we will begin to learn how to improvise with the left hand on the snare drum while maintaining those beats, so it is important that you feel very comfortable with them.


Practice the jazz beats with the two different bass drum patterns and the snare drum rhythms that I wrote down in your book. Remember to keep everything in balance: the ride cymbal and the hi-hat should be the loudest while everything else is soft. Also, count out loud while you play. That will really help you with these exercises.


Practice each of the different triplet-based beats that we have done so far. Focus on keeping a steady speed and maintaining that triplet feel. When you practice fills, make sure that they also have a triplet feel so that they fit well with the beat. We’ll work more next week on the jazz beats that we started this week.


Continue to review the rhythms that I have written in your book. The eighth notes and sixteenth notes still need a little work so that you easily hear a difference between them when you play. Remember to count out loud! Also practice the beat from “Say it Ain’t So” that I showed you this week.