Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Keep practicing the different triplet-based beats from your book, particularly the shuffle and the jazz beat. It is important that you become comfortable with these styles of music. Practicing triplet rhythms will help you with the feel of these beats, so if the beat starts to not feel right, go back to playing/counting triplets.


Practice the triplet rhythms and beats that we worked on this week. I want you to count out loud while you practice because this will really help you with accuracy and consistency. Play each rhythm several times in a row before moving onto the next one. Also, practice everything at a variety of speeds (slow, medium, and fast) so that you aren’t always just practicing the same speed.


Practice the shuffle beat that we worked on this week. Play it at a variety of different speeds, and try to incorporate fills. You can find a “blues shuffle backing track” on Youtube to play along with. There will be many at different speeds, so try a few different ones.


Practice the new fill from “Arabella” that we worked on this week. Play it slowly at first and break it down into parts if you need to. It’s important that the triplet rhythms at the end of the fill are accurate, so work on those first. When you think you’ve got it, then try playing a bit of the song before that and see if you can put the fill into context.


Great work on the new rhythm this week! Keep practicing it and count out loud to make sure that what you’re playing is accurate. Also, work on some of the beats from the new page I gave you titled “Rock and Funk Beats.” Try to play the beats at a variety of different speeds.