Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Great work this week on the bass drum exercises. Keep doing the same things at home that we did in the lesson. Play through each exercises 4 times in a row without stopping, then see if you can transition from one exercise to the next without stopping. Then see if you can move freely between different exercises in any order that you want to. Remember always to count out loud and never to speed up or slow down.


Keep practicing the ghost-note beats that we have worked on. See if you can play them faster this week than last week. Also, spend some time listening to some James Brown and pick 2 or 3 songs that you might like to learn. We’ll listen to them next week and pick one to work on.


Practice the new ghost note beats that we worked on in your lesson. Focus on the movement of you left hand to control each beat. Don’t lift the stick before you play the ghost notes, or they will be too loud. Try to incorporate more wrist motion and less arm. If you struggle with a particular beat, play it first without the ghost notes, then add in the ghost notes one at a time.


Great work on Black Dog! We’ve got the whole song now – we just need to tighten up the transitions. Spend some time this week listening to the song and hearing how the drummer moves from one beat to the next. If you able to, try practicing with the recording. This will show you if you have the timing right or not.


Keep working on the coordination exercises, they are getting better! See if you can gradually increase the speed of each exercise over time. Start slow and play at that speed for a while. Then stop and pick and slightly faster speed. Play at that new speed for a while, then stop and try again a little faster. Don’t try to play faster than you can though – it doesn’t help to play the exercise inaccurately.