Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Keep working on those ghost note beats. You’re definitely getting the hang of them, but I want them to sound more relaxed and be more consistent. If you even spend 5 minutes a day on them, they will improve dramatically! Also, spend some time this week listening to some music and pick 2 or 3 songs that you might like to learn on drums.


Practice the ghost note beats that we worked on in your lesson this week. Focus on keeping the stick very close to the drum to make the ghost notes really soft. Also, make sure that the rhythm stays steady the whole time while you’re practicing. As you add more ghost notes, this will become more difficult, but the most important thing is to have steady rhythm!


Practice the accent patterns that we started working on during your lesson this week. Remember to play softly all the notes that aren’t accented, and then really go for it on the accented notes. Also, count out loud when you are practicing. This will help to keep your rhythm more steady and will keep you from skipping notes. Always go slow and count out loud!


Great work in your first lesson this week! You’re off to a really good start! Review the rhythms that we played, quarter notes and eighth notes, and try to find some time this week to practice the examples that I wrote down for you. Remember to always count out loud when you play.