Hi everyone,

Here are your practice assignments for this week:


Practice playing the two new drum beats that we worked on this week (#1 and #2 on the hand out). Review the things that we talked about in your lesson: reading each of the notes on the page, counting the rhythm out loud, and playing at a slow and steady speed. As the drum beats begin to feel easier, then you can work on gradually speeding them up.


Continue to work on the triplet accent patterns that we have been working on. Practice each one in the context of a fill using the jazz ride rhythm as your beat. Also review the notes that we have learned to read so far on the xylophone. You should be able to find each note on the treble clef staff and picture in your mind where that note is on the xylophone.


Great work this week on the triplet rhythms and beats. Continue to review the rhythms that we have worked on by counting them out loud and playing them slowly. Also, practice the new beat that we worked on this week. Try playing it along with the song “Oh Darlin’” by the Beatles.


Review all the jazz rhythms and accent patterns that we have been working on. Try to get used to playing them at different speeds – slow, medium, and fast. When coordination issues come up between the hands, play each rhythm very slowly, and then try to put them together. Be mindful of how the two rhythms line up with one another.


Keep practicing “Good Times Bad Times” by Led Zeppelin. It sounded really good this week. The main thing that still needs to be a bit tighter is the off-beat bass drum notes in the verses. Practice this part slowly without the recording; be careful to place the bass drum notes exactly in between the hi-hat notes. Then try to gradually speed it up. It will get tighter at a fast speed if you practice it slowly first.



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