Hi, everyone! Thank you for sharing your Halloween stories in this week’s lesson! I’m glad you had so much fun (and candy)!

Here’s some reminders for this week’s homemade practice:


Well done on identifying all the letter names of the white keys of the piano. Remember to sing the letter names as you play – that will help you remember them. Keep working on the “tabletop” practice!


Well done on the pedaling this week – you have been working hard on this, I can tell! Let’s aim for playing “Snowfall” at performance tempo (use your metronome) – it might be a good recital piece! Keep working on “Sea Chanty” – read ahead as you’re playing the piece.


Good work on transposition today – we added the idea of variation of melody. Go ahead and explore that more this coming week. You’ll receive a link to printing some new music in a few days!


I love how excited we were with your new piano book! We went through a number of pages – I’ve written down the date at the top corner of each page we’ve covered this week. Please go through them with mom and dad for your home revision. Also, check if the CD is working on your home system. Well done for your memory work on “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”!


Good sight-reading on your new pieces today. 3 more pieces and we’re on to your new book! Make sure to keep your fingers curved and join the notes when playing the piano.


Great work reading the new piece in your brand new book! Let’s make sure to wrap up “Sarasponda” soon…! Good rhythm work in the theory book too. Focus on counting when playing and reading the notes in front of you.

Have a great week ahead!