Hi everyone,

Here are your practice assignments for this week:


Practice playing your drum fill followed by the crash cymbal on beat one. Remember that the crash should be played at the same time as the bass drum and that leads you back into the regular rock beat. Also, it is important to make sure that you don’t speed up or slow down while you’re doing this. As always, play in time! This week you should also practice playing along with We Will Rock You by Queen.


Keep working on the triplet accent patterns. Remember to keep steady time with your feet (1&3 on the bass drum, 2&4 on the hi-hat) and try to hear the rhythm of your accents before you play them. Start off slow and count out loud if you need to. Once it starts to feel comfortable, then try moving the accents onto the toms.


Practice the new triplet rhythms that we worked on this week. Remember that a triplet consists of three notes that are all the same length. Each note should sound even when you play them. Also, work on the new triplet-based drum beats. Count each group of three notes and make sure that you’re not adding extra notes. Practice slowly until you get the sound of the beat in your head. Then you can try speeding it up.


Keep working on Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin. The intro is starting to sound really good, but keep practicing it along with the recording to make sure you have the right timing. Also practice the verse beat and the first part of the chorus beat which we worked on this week. Go through them slowly and count while you play to get the timing right.


Practice the new drum beat that we worked on this week from “Everlasting Light” by the Black Keys. Try to keep a really steady pulse without speeding up or slowing down. Also, count “1 2 3 4” while you play to make sure that you’re not leaving out any beats. It’s important that the bass drum is always on 1&3 and the snare drum is always on 2&4. Next week we will spend some more time trying to play this song along with the recording.