Hi, everyone!

Concert: I’m a course instructor and conductor at University of Toronto Faculty of Music’s Women’s Chorus. Our first concert of the season is this Saturday, Oct 21, 8pm at the Faculty of Music. All 4 choirs plus the University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra will be performing the works of Canadian composer Imant Raminsh (he will be conducting too). Do come for the concert if you’re interested and available for this. Info: https://www.rcmusic.com/events-and-performances/university-toronto-faculty-music-presents-choirs-concert


Here’s some helpful reminders to guide you for this week’s home practice!


Well done on playing through Old McDonald! Focus on smooth playing, looking ahead in the music so we’re not stopping every now and then. Please remember to complete the word search in your theory book. I’m looking forward to hearing about the new piano next week!


Well done on smooth playing for Snowfall. Focus on incorporating pedaling with your playing. Good work on sight reading today – keep practicing the newer pieces!


Awesome transposition work! Let’s develop this skill more. Good work on learning new pieces – keep up the home practice and remember to be patient with yourself ?


Great work exploring high and low sounds on the piano and with our voices! Beautiful singing as well – maybe you can even sing some lullabies to your mom and dad! Choose a song for next week: either “You’ve got a friend in me” from Toy Story or “Beauty & the Beast”. And do bring in your new piano book!


Good work on some tough sections of the pieces. Your determination to finish the pieces even if there’s rough spots is impressive! Keep up the good work – we’ll be starting a new book in no time!


Well done on your wonderful note reading – we learned a new piece today! Remember to keep your eyes up and read ahead. We’ll be starting anne book with you soon too!


Have a great week and see you all next Thursday!