Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Work on the new two-bar rhythms that were introduced this week. These are twice as long as the rhythms we had been doing before, so it’s even more important now to count while you play. Be sure not to stop or pause on the bar line but keep all the rhythms in time. Also, practice the new bass/snare rhythm exercises so you can play them for me next week. Please remember to bring your homework sheet back with you next week!


Please try to get a folder for your music so you can keep it all in one place and remember to bring it with you each week. Practice the three new drum beats that we worked on this week. Make sure you can count it out loud before you try to play it. Play each one through slowly and try to keep the rhythm of the hi-hat always steady. Next week we will work on these beats some more.


Keep practicing the accent patterns from your book. This week, try playing the bass drum on the beats while playing the accent patterns on the snare. You can also try putting the accents on the toms. Practice everything slowly at first and then try to gradually speed up. Also, show me next week what you’ve come up with as a drum part for Eleanor Rigby.


Practice the stick control exercises that we worked on this week. Start by identifying what the pattern is between the rights and lefts. Then, play the right hand part on the toms and the left hand part on the snare. Also, practice playing these exercises as drum fills in combination with a beat.